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6121 Lakeside Dr., Ste 208 – 775-473-7444

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John Sande IV – Managing Partner
Argentum Partners & Argentum Law
Direct: 775-235-4222
Mobile: 775-338-5858


Mike Draper – Partner
Argentum Partners
Direct: 775-360-3899
Mobile: 775-303-3252


Kenneth Ching – Attorney
Argentum Law
Direct: 775-235-5115
Mobile: 775-815-4557


Chase Whittemore – Attorney
Argentum Law
Direct: 775-235-5114
Mobile: 775-240-6851


6037 S. FORT APACHE RD. STE. 130 – 702-997-0061

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Bradley Mayer – Partner
Argentum Partners
Direct: 702-850-8602
Mobile: 702-521-2200


Scot Rutledge – Partner
Argentum Partners
Direct: 702-979-2478
Mobile: 702-561-9093


Jeff Donato – Partner / Director of Licensing
Argentum Law
Direct: 702-997-0063
Mobile: 702-610-9482

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